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Today we want to give you some tips on cleaning carpets, it is essential to keep carpets clean so that they always look brand new and clean. Although it is advisable to go to a professional sometimes to do a thorough cleaning, today we will talk about daily maintenance.
In order not to be mistaken, before starting the cleaning of the carpet it is important to differentiate what type it is and of course, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. They should not be shaken as this could cause them to tear at the edges. The frequency with which you have to clean a carpet depends on the use, the place where it is located, if there are pets at home, etc.

The most effective way to avoid the accumulation of dust, mites, and dirt is to use the vacuum cleaner frequently, this must be passed slowly over its entire surface changing from time to time to lift the pile and dividing the carpet cleaning into parts so as not to forget no zone.
There are thousands of models of vacuum cleaners on the market, the ones with the highest power and advanced suction have a special batter with great suction power so they absorb all the dirt.
Normally these suction systems are complemented with specific products such as an absorbent active powder that is introduced into the carpet for cleaning using a special accessory, it is left to act on the fabric for about 30 minutes and after that time we vacuum again, thus eliminating the most dirt. deep. With this method, the bedroom rug recovers its original color and shine and is pleasantly scented.

Other very useful appliances for cleaning carpets are the so-called steamers that combine aspiration with steam to extract hot dirt and achieve a lot of hygiene.

Some models of rugs such as Belgian model rugs, and also those for the bathroom or kitchen, can be machine washed but if they are non-slip, it is very important that they are washed in a short, cold program, folding the carpet for cleaning and always with the non-slip part facing inside. You should use a normal detergent (not for delicates) and not use a fabric softener, as it damages the non-slip base.

Although we frequently vacuum the dust, it is inevitable that over time the kitchen rugs will stain and need to be washed in some way to remove those stains, in this case, we can use ammonia dissolved in water and wipe with a very wrung cloth rubbing from the outside to inside to try to remove the stain. Aerosol foams or shampoo can also be used to clean carpets. The aerosol foam is sprayed onto the carpet for cleaning in a light layer, rubbed with a damp sponge, allowed to dry, and finally vacuumed.
It is advisable not to get the carpet too wet to clean it as excess water can cause it to shrink or warp.
You can also wash the carpet with a homemade shampoo by mixing a tablespoon of it with 1 cup of warm water until it forms a foam. This dry foam is applied with a sponge and removed using a spatula, then rinsed with a clean damp sponge. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the operation until the stain is completely eliminated.
To solve an accident of your pet on the carpet, it is very effective to use white vinegar since it deodorizes and cleans. Baking soda absorbs grease stains from carpets.
We must always vacuum the bath mat once it is dry to clean it after having washed it with some of the methods described.
We also advise you to change the position of the carpet from time to time, in this way you get it to wear equally, also if there is any furniture on top you will avoid marks on the carpet.
As we said at the beginning, from time to time we have go to a professional if we want them to do a more thorough cleaning of the carpet.