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A new carpet is often the highlight in the home and apartment. But over time, it doesn’t just suffer visually. In addition to dirt and grime, bacteria and mites often get stuck in the carpet. Regular cleaning is therefore not only a means of the visual beauty of the flooring. But when it comes to cleaning carpets, there are a few things to keep in mind: home remedies can be more helpful than expensive chemical cleaners, and not all carpets can be cleaned. In some cases, a professional is needed

tools and materials. This needs it for carpet cleaning

Anyone who wants to clean their carpet needs different tools depending on the cleaning method. This includes the following possible tool:

  • vacuum-packed
  • Waschsauger
  • cleaning sponge
  • brush/squeegee

Besides, the possible materials:

  • detergent
  • carpet dust
  • shampoo
  • water
  • Home Remedies

Depending on how dirty the carpet is, you can use different cleaning steps to clean it again. The vacuum cleaner is enough for one floor covering, the other needs a remedy for stubborn stains. Here you can use the wet and dry cleaning processes. Those who do not wash vacuum cleaners or wet cleaning equipment available can also borrow these from hardware stores as well as partially free pharmacies.

Many advertisements suggest that steam units are suitable for cleaning carpets. This is wrong, however, to burn stains on the fixed carpet, which are then no longer be removed with professional technology

Cleaning every day. Vacuum cleaner for regular use

In many families Saturday Wohnungsputztag. The vacuum cleaner must be pulled out to vacuum the carpet at least once a week (but preferably every three days). Because regular sucking also protects against parasites such as clothing. They like to put their eggs in the carpet in good condition.

Experts recommend models with a brush, these are more effective. The mechanical brush practically sweeps the carpet at the same time. This loosens more dirt. Sucking through the brush is a little heavier, but much more accurate.

But only those who take care of the carpet. It is important, of course, to remove all furniture on the carpet – chairs, tables and plants should be set aside. This is the only way to reach all parts of the carpet.

Wet cleaning is done properly. For instructions

carpet cleaning

Coffee, wine and Co stains, however, do not take the vacuum cleaner off the carpet. Therefore, wet cleaning is also worthwhile from time to time. Small rugs can also be placed in the washing machine or cleaned in the bathtub. Here it needs to be checked only how long the carpet lasts. Furthermore, the consumer must be aware that wet carpet is much heavier and difficult to transport to the drying area.

In the washing machine and bathroom, simple hair shampoo is very suitable as a cleanser. Who cleans in the tub, then rinse the carpet thoroughly! If soap is used, it should be washed down to the last residue. Otherwise, the debris will allow the dirt to settle back on the carpet more quickly.

If the carpet is too heavy or large, it needs to be cleaned on the floor. In all cases, vacuuming is required in the first stage. Before using liquid vacuum cleaners, detergents and the like, remove all dust and dirt. Only then does the cleaning begin with the cleaning agent.

Some cleaners damage the colour fastness of the carpet. Therefore, unfamiliar products should be tested on a hidden part to make sure they don’t cause discolouration first

Next, wet cleaning starts with the wet cleaning device. Detergent and water pour into the device and that’s it. The cleaner is sprayed onto the carpet using a lever. The device sucks cleaner and dirtier at the same time as the nozzle. If you want to work exactly here, you should always suck and let the turns overlap slightly. Then the carpet must be vacuumed again without spraying so that the residual moisture escapes from the floor covering.

dry process: the particular case of natural carpets

For some carpets wet cleaning is not suitable – for natural materials, for example .. Cotton and sheep’s wool are very sensitive to moisture. These rugs need to be dry cleaned. For stubborn stains, only a damp cloth can be used.

Carpet dust is used as a cleaner in this method. This is evenly distributed over the floor covering in the first step. Using a brush or scrubber, the powder is then massaged into the fibres. Everyone should be careful here, pushing lightly is enough. The dust should be allowed to run for about 15 minutes before it can be vacuumed up.

Cleaning with carpet dust must be repeated several times. If it is dark in the vacuum cleaner bag, there is a lot of dirt. Only when it has just discoloured, the carpet

secrets from the Home Remedies Department

it’s really clean. But it doesn’t always have to be the chemistry to get the carpet clean again. Especially with stubborn and annoying stains it often helps the handle in the home remedies department. Salt, Yeast and Co can get better cleaning results than expensive trading cleaners.

First Aid for the carpet

important in removing stains is to act quickly here often. The earlier they are removed, the better the chances of leaving no residue on the floor. Therefore, a mishap should react immediately.

First, a towel should be placed over the stain and then soda water should be poured over it. This pulls the dirt from the carpet into the towel. Make sure you pat and don’t rub or scrub the stains on the carpet. This would push the dirt particles even deeper into the fabric. First aid is not enough, cleaner or home remedies need to be used.

baking soda for bright carpets

spots in bright carpets can be removed with baking soda. This affects both slag and footprints. The yeast is sprinkled evenly on the stain and evenly massaged with a brush. Big spots should be massaged a second time. Then hot water is added to the stain with a spray can. This mixture must be soaked for 4-5 hours before it can be sucked up.

Light bleach

Anyone who has a wool rug and is bothered by dark stains on it can use bleach from the kitchen. This requires oxygen bleaching, which is available in pharmacies but also online stores. It dissolves in hot water and a little dishwasher detergent. After that, the cleaning sponge in the solution is completely saturated and pressed in place of the spot. So the stain is completely soggy, but it shouldn’t go any further. With a brush, the agent can also be incorporated: Press, do not rub!

After 15 minutes, the moisture should first be wiped out with a towel. The fabric is pressed hard in place. If the stain is not completely removed, the procedure can be repeated here. In the end, it takes the vacuum cleaner, which sucks up all the remains of moisture and cleaning agents.

dishwashing liquid with chocolate stains

Doesn’t the young woman once again consider her sweets distributed all over the world where they don’t belong? Even against the chocolate in the carpet, there is a secret trick. The dish soap helps here because it has a very high-fat dissolving power. To remove the stain, a rag must be dipped in the rinse water. With this, the stain can be scrubbed or dabbed from the carpet. But even root-knot soap can work wonders. For older scrub, the dried top layer must first be scraped off.

salt and soda water with fresh red wine stains

Just upset the glass of red wine, it should be iodized salt on hand. Because with a quick reaction it can be prevented so that red wine leaves persistent stains on the carpet. The salt absorbs the wine and must therefore be sucked up. This procedure can be repeated several times. Even sparkling water running on the stain and letting it soak in a towel can flush out the red wine.

vinegar against old red wine stains

However, the red wine stain has long dried up, helping vinegar or vinegar essence. This initially colourless liquid should be placed on the stain and act only lightly. A short time later, the red liquid now

Ice against wax stains

it can be dabbed with an old hand or towel. In the winter many candles burn and many wax lands on the carpet. Ice cream helps here. These are wrapped in a plastic bag and placed on the dry wax stain. This hardens the wax so much that it can be peeled off the carpet with a knife, but iron can be a panacea here. The wax stain is covered with blotting paper from school supplies or more easily with a kitchen roll. Now when the iron is done as for the paper it takes the become from the heated wax out of the carpet.

Suggestion for carpet fringes

If the carpet fringe on the edge of the dirty and unsightly pavement, it helps here a spoonful of detergent and a splash of Bleach – mixed with a litre of warm water. The plastic sheets should be placed under the fringes. Then they can be worked with a sponge and solution. Warning: gloves should be mandatory here. To remove the cleaner, dab with a cloth and clean water afterwards. The fringes can be dried with a hairdryer.

Professional methods: cleaning by a specialist

vacuum cleaning

In some cases, cleaning the carpet by a layman is no longer sufficient. Then a specialist should be brought into the house. This can make cleaning in place with rugs laid. But also the collection and return transport is often included in the offer package. The professional has several cleaning methods. These include:

Dust cleaning

  • Cleaning the pads
  • Shampooing
  • Spray cleaning
  • Deep cleaning (combined cleaning)
  • Dust cleaning is suitable for carpets that are slightly soiled or cannot be cleaned with water. It does not require any drying time, but the cleaning performance is low.

In swab cleaning, a detergent is applied to the carpet in a liquid state and worked on it with a spinning wool pad. This method is particularly suitable for lightly sheer rugs and velvet floors. Costs are low, plus it does not require drying times. However, strong mechanical forces are used to quickly plug the carpet.

During shampooing, foam cleaning is introduced into the carpet using brushes. The wet-on-wet carpet is then carefully vacuumed. This method is equally economical and offers good cleaning results. Average pollution is usually not a problem. However, soap residues can speed up re-contamination. Excessive shampooing will also damage the carpet when the fibre becomes hard.

In spray cleaning, a high-pressure cleaner is placed in the carpet and vacuumed directly. This procedure is suitable for all carpets that can be cleaned with water. However, it takes a long time to dry here. Furthermore, the cleaning performance is highly dependent on the performance of the machines.

Combined cleansing (also called deep cleansing) combines shampoo and spray cleansing. This makes it particularly comprehensive and effective, but also an expensive option. Likewise, this procedure takes a long time but is highly recommended by many experts for heavy dirt due to the good results.


A carpet looks nice, even if it’s clean. Therefore it should be cleaned regularly. We recommend vacuuming every two or three days. Persistent stains can be removed by dust or wet cleaning depending on the material. But home remedies can also be helpful and prevent a lot of carpet stains when reacting quickly.