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What they love, what they hate, how many there are, what are they for …

With summer, armies of mosquitoes arrive, which with buzzing and stings torment our evenings and nights. These annoyances are not limited to the very hot period, but which, fortunately to a lesser extent, continue into the autumn and winter months. But the arrival of mosquitoes is not just bad news. The Mosquito pest control Sydney is a whole line of the corrective response to the increasing danger of the mosquitoes around your house There are also various curiosities.

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1) There are at least 3000 mosquito speciesof which 70 are present in Italy. Not all of them attack humans: most prefer birds, amphibians and invertebrates.

2) Only fertilized females bite, because the blood is rich in proteins necessary for the development of the eggs. Males? They prefer to devote themselves to the nectar of flowers.

3) The saliva of mosquitoes contains an anticoagulant that allows them to suck blood more easily and induces an allergic response from our immune system (the wheel ).

4) Mosquitoes have a penchant for beer and alcohol drinkers in general. Perhaps because those who take it produce more acetone, ethanol and methanol through sweat. In general, however, they are attracted to carbon dioxide, freed from breath and skin, and from lactic acid, which they can perceive up to 30 meters.

5) The hum is due to the rapid flapping of wings (300 to 600 times per second). According to some experts, it would be a love call: attracted by the hum of the male, the female mosquito begins to imitate it, trying to reach the same tone to get in tune. This is also love.

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6) It is not true that they are useless, as one would want to say! The species Aedes impinger and Aedes nigripes (to give just one example), widespread in Canada and Australia, provide an important food source for migratory birds: in fact, many species enrich the diet of insects, birds, amphibians and fish. We also know at least two orchids of the genus Platanthera that receive pollen from mosquitoes … In nature nothing is useless: at most, we ignore its purpose.

7) An adult mosquito lives a maximum of 5/6 months, without straying too far from the outbreak. But there are also wandering mosquitoes: those of brackish marshes, for example, can travel for 150 km.

8) They are the animals that claim the most victims in the world, because they transmit malaria that kills 1.2 million people every year in Africa alone, according to the Lancet magazine.

9) Mosquitoes are less active in the afternoon: it is too hot and they prefer to stay cool while waiting for the evening.

10) They love black, they hate white. Studies conducted between 1938 and 1955 showed that mosquitoes have a preference for wearers of dark-coloured clothing. Black above all, followed by red and blue. While they would find white unattractive. But it does not apply to all species.

BONUS – The thing they hate the most? The oil extracted from catnip which, according to some studies, is even more repellent than the DEET (diethyltoluamide), considered one of the most effective insect repellents. We appreciate the very point that the increasing problem of the mosquitoes inside the service can form to be serious rather get equipment down with the simple ways hence to isolate these trouble clips around you on can solicit the help of the professional mosquito pest control services for many useful effects.