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Disinfecting the mattress is an uncommon habit, yet periodically cleaning the mattress reduces the proliferation of bacteria and mites. In recent weeks, the issue of sanitizing the environments we live in is deeply felt, unfortunately due to the health emergency resulting from the spread of the Coronavirus that is affecting all of Italy. The mattress as well as the pillows , on which we rest every day, can be a receptacle for bacteria and it is good to remember how important their cleaning is for health prevention purposes .

Why we should clean the mattress?

The answer is simple: the mattress is the receptacle of a lot of organic matter. Hair, skin and humidity, all factors that compromise its hygiene, making it exposed to the formation of dust mites.

These microscopic parasitic insects proliferate in warm, humid environments, multiplying to form entire colonies that live in the same mattress you sleep on every night. Their eggs and droppings contain dangerous allergens that can cause more or less severe symptoms.

We therefore recommend washing the mattress at least once a year , so as to refresh the fabrics and remove the organic traces that have deposited and that can attract mites. To avoid any kind of problem, we advise our customers to choose the mattress that has effective anti-mite protection. Where are they for sale? In our online mattress shop you will find many interesting offers and below cost that are right for you.

How to sanitize the mattress without damaging it?

Washing the mattress is not a simple operation and care must be taken not to damage the upholstery fabric or the internal structure . So here’s where to start to clean and wash your mattress at home.

It should always protect the mattress with a double mattress and change the one in contact with the mattress at least once a month. This is essential but it is only a first step. Let’s see specifically the 5 things to do to clean the mattress.

How to clean a mattress in 5 simple steps?

1. Password: air

Circulating clean air every day in the rooms where we rest is very important because it allows dust to escape. Opening the windows is not enough, it is necessary to remove the blankets, sheets and any bedspreads or duvets and let them air for at least 30 minutes.

2. Vacuum cleaner, the lethal weapon

The next step is to start removing all traces of dust that have accumulated in the most superficial part of the mattress with a vacuum cleaner. Continue with a deeper and deeper cleaning using a thinner nozzle or a brush. Do not forget the edges (i.e. the space between the seams) perimeter: this is where most of the dust accumulates and it is proven that they are also the first areas attacked by the deadly bed bug. Each hole is a receptacle for viruses and bacteria.

3. Take advantage of spring

In the first days when the climate is milder, it is advisable to take the mattress outside, perhaps on the balcony, taking care to arrange a towel on the ground so that it does not get dirty. In this way the mattress takes in additional air and can be beaten with a carpet beater. Don’t be frightened by the amount of dust that will come out of it. This is where you will find that cleaning and disinfection are necessary!

4. And bicarbonate it is!

For an accurate and delicate washing of the mattress, you can use baking soda. It is advisable to dissolve a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in a container with hot water. Make sure it melts well and take a clean cloth, soak it in this solution, squeeze it well, so that it is only damp and rub it on the surface of the mattress. Then let it dry without exposing it directly to the sun. To wash the mattress with baking soda, we also recommend that you insist on the perimeter and edges. Repeat this operation several times, especially if it is a mattress that is also used by other people. 

5. Anti-mite sprays

To complete the cleaning of the mattress you can find some anti-mite spray solutions on the market with which to cover the entire surface of the mattress. However, in most cases these are chemicals. For this reason, we recommend that you go to an organic store and look for something more natural and less toxic to your health.

Useful tips for keeping the mattress clean

There are a number of things you can do to maintain the hygiene of your product.

  • Avoid eating in bed – crumbs and various stains are not easy to remove and attract bacteria and microorganisms. Have you ever tried washing a mattress stained with sauce or coffee stains? It’s a chore that’s best avoided …
  • Air the mattress – when you get up in the morning do not cover the mattress right away. Let it take some air with a window open. This decreases the humidity present in the product making it less prone to the proliferation of dust mites.
  • No to the mattress on the floor – many customers ask us if it is possible to sleep by placing the mattress on the floor as they do in Japan. We strongly advise against it because even if in the East they use a layer of insulation between the earth and the mattress, the floor is still full of dust (and therefore of mites).
  • Bed linen – change sheets and bedspreads every 7 days, washing them in the washing machine with mild soaps and detergents. Clean bedding will also improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Clean blankets and duvets – at the end of winter, before putting them away, remember to wash the duvet and blanket. You can take them to the laundry room or do it directly at home if your washing machine is spacious enough.

When you notice stubborn stains on the mattress or there are areas where the surface is swapping, then it is really worth changing it.

Why choose a mattress with a removable cover?

Again, the answer is simple: if the upholstery fabric can be removed, cleaning becomes much easier to do. If the upholstery fabric can be removed, cleaning becomes much easier. Analyzing the most frequent types of mattresses:

  • The mattress is removable – in this case, thanks to a practical zipper you can remove the outer shell which can be washed in the washing machine at 30 ° C with the cycle for delicate garments. Use a mild detergent and leave it to dry without exposing it directly to sunlight. This is because, especially in the warmer months, the sun and high temperatures can ruin the fabrics making them yellow.
  • The mattress is not removable – here everything gets complicated because during the washing of the mattress it is important to sanitize and clean thoroughly but you must not go to ruin the internal structure. In this case it is necessary to find less invasive and more delicate washing systems for the mattress.

By following these methods you can easily disinfect or sanitize the mattress at home without putting so much effort into it. But even if you won’t be able to get rid of mold and stains on mattress by using these methods then you can take professional help by hiring professional mattress cleaning experts in Sydney.